scott's lobster dock

now listen, i don't wanna fucking hear it. i went to new london to hang out with my ex and my ex kid and his fam and i had a great time. don't email me about it, don't call me about it, don't even look at me.


boy do i love new london. it's the exact opposite of manhattan. small buildings, empty streets, fat people, everyone's got kids and they're younger than me, big shiny new plastic cars, ice cream trucks that aren't mr. softee, seagulls, new england accents, smiles, motorcyclists on hogs with no helmets, i just LOVE it.

i've spent enough time there that i feel like it's one of my homes. i know exactly how many miles it takes to get there, and how long i'll be in the car, and which mcdonalds service station to stop off at if i need to, and my way around town. i even know shortcuts.

here is the beach. it's private. you have to belong to a coop to sit on it, hence it's perfectly clean sand. it's like the land that time forgot.

there are two places to eat. muddy waters for breakfast and lunch on bank street. and then there's scott's lobster dock.

normally we get 3 things: hot lobster roll, cold lobster roll, and boiled potatoes for the child. (it's not as punishment, he is a very picky vegetarian).

but as i was waiting in line, i keep eyeing things other people are picking up from the window. so, since i never know the next time i'll talk to my host family again will be, i decide to order everything i want. just in case.

don't you look at me that way, i'm doing it.

and they take amex!

oh, no.

oh, no. i think i forgot something, something good.


inside the belly of the beast.

oh, yes. oh. yes.

we did a little damage. my fingers still smell like crab.

hoorah for NL!

hoorah for candice!


Dr. Taco said...

shit looks way pimp. Tacos are pimper though.

Dr. Taco

courtney c said...

i love you.
and i love the bloody thigh drawing. it is kind of like a leaking period. yum.

ballet999 said...
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