morgan library

another blind date. he is totally hot, we both dressed up. he wore seersucker, i wore a skirt.

we decided to do a little country clubish lunch at the morgan library. table for two, please.

we had iced tea, naturally. i ordered a smoked chicken salad, and he ordered a lobster salad. and then we waited. and watied. and waited. and fidgeted and waited.

we waited so long that we went into conversations one normally has on date 2! let's just say i wouldn't be surprised by much if i ran into him in bed.

finally, our waiter in a weird beige uniform jacket that was way too big and made him look uncomfortable and homeless, came over and told us there was a paper jam in the kitchen, and our order will be out shortly. luckily i wasn't in the mood to bitch, though torrey and i both gave dirtly looks and snarled under our breath.

when his salad arrived, torrey looked a little sad. just one piece of claw meat? how dare they?! but he found more under each layer of lettuce. nice save, morgan library.

we joked that the reason our food took so long wasn't cause of a paper jam, but because they ran out of boars head deli meat for my salad. (this joke would be funny if you could actually see that the chicken in my chicken salad wasn't chunks of chicken, but rather thinly sliced breat meat, but like deli breast meat. i had to have been deli meat. i just had to).

it was really good though. they gave us free dessert for our troubles. quite ironic since at least ten minutes of our conversation was spent bitching about our stomach fat. thank god my gelato sucked. i didn't eat it. his pinapple tart tasted like barbq.

all in all, though, a very pleasant lunch. next time torrey and i will go to something more rough around the edges so we can really loosen up.

thanks for lunch torrey!


Shorts said...

Wow - looks like you and Torrey had fun...

noTORious said...

don't hate shorts...

180 said...

ok so you making lunch plans with peeps you don't know, how about lunch with someone you do. are you up for a visit to your office on monday?

this is your neighbor,finally checking out your blog.

kinda relieved i'm moving.


hungry girl said...

hey girl! yes, monday is good. email me.

and wait, move? goodness why??