cafe colonial

but first, a note on the previous post. uuhhh, no explanation for that one. sorry.

today soraya made me go to cafe colonial on elizabeth and houston. that place SUUUUUCCKKS. the food is decent, interesting menu, but i really get panicky in there cause the tables are arranged in a weird way and you feel like your neighbor is so close that you can feel their breath on the back of your neck. not fun. i try to sit with my back to a wall to prevent that nightmare from happening. that and the waitresses are completely vacant. and slow.

their limeade is really good. soraya got a healthy sandwich and soup combo. i got rice and beans. the rice is really good, it's long grain and smooth. like perfect little tubes. slippery almost. (gross description). i did send the first bowl back because the beans were lukewarm. the second batch were steaming hot, nice save on their part. but it wasn't enough to fill my fat ass up.

so i stopped at steve's on the bowery and got rice, beans, and beef stew. and reese's peanut butter cups.

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