esperante or o or something

i discovered this place moving the douchebag into his apartment across the street last year.

all i wanted was sangria and sunny windows, so we went there. all my friends made me sit with my back to the window, you know for my own protection. but seriously, if i wanted to stalk i could...he's never in town on the weekends. ever. so it was safe.

holy shit are the drinks good there. and the food is great too. i can't tell, i think it's mostly brazilian?

i had guava margarita(s).

kinky had some coco punch which had rum, cocunut milk and fresh ginger. really good. other dudes had beer.

empanadas came 3 to a plate; vegetable, chicken, and beef. beef was the best. i asked for hot sauce, waitress said they didn't have. normally that would make me lose my shit, and i think she could tell because of the comfortable pout that started to make it's way across my face. she jumped in and said they only make their own and i would like it. i did. it was good.

the carne asada was, eh...ok. mediocre.

i hereby declare this corn the best in the city. please disregard any prior declarations. they smother it in jalapeno butter. and then lime. like, if i could have sucked the husk dry, i would have. i had two. and licked all the juice off of the plate. both plates.

here is me and my first corn.

here is roi eating his corn, with me jealous that he still has corn.

here is me with my second corn. yay!

esperanto is on 9th street and AVE C.


Anonymous said...

Your cornhole is showing...

hungry girl said...

ha ha. omg. who is this? i know who this is...

hungry girl said...


Anonymous said...

Who is Keith?