barrio chino

mexican restaurant in chinatown. hence the barrio. chino.

went for dinner. i really like this place, and was excited to go back. coudn't believe it had been so long since my last visit.

oh, yah. it takes HOURS to get a table. around an hour and half we waited, dodging bussers with plates and waitresses with drinks. i highly, highly recommend the habanero grapefruit margarita. after one, i asked them to cut back on the simple syrup to make it spicier. boy did that work. so fucking good, the spice cuts all the tequila and gives you that extra heartburn that i love.

first up was shrimp ceviche. this is real ceviche, no bullshit extra ingredients to make it gourmet. the shrimp was cured and so soft, like as soft as the best most perfect lobster.

i liked it so much i drank the juice like a milkshake.

also some sort of pork soup with all sorts of accoutremants, which naturally makes it more fun to eat.

THEN...he had mole. i mean, i get it, but i just can't get over tasting the whole chocolate thing. not into it.

i had enchilades verdes. chicken, corn tortillas, tomatillo sauce and queso freso. a perfectly small amount of black beans on the side.

the food was so, so good. it may have been the two and a half margaritas i had while waiting for a table. or maybe the two i had after we ate that affected my memory...but i still would go back and wait an hour any day

and for desert: shots of tequila with tomato something or other as a chaser.

boy, that was fun!

broome between orchard and ludlow. reservations for parties of 8 or more.

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can we go here this weekend? thanks!!
little shit.