i am so bored. i am so bored. i am so bored. just waiting for some stuff to get done here at work, then it'll get busy again. but for right now, i am so so so bored.

my stomach is blubbery, i am PMS-ing. i haven't had a BM since last thursday. it's probably all the junk food i eat.

going to st. maarten on saturday. i'm gonna go to the nude beach and have my sister take a picture of me just because. i'll be nude, of course. me and all the other fat ugly nude people because the only people on nude beaches are fat and ugly.

how telling of life these days: to find a therapist, i googled, yes GOOGLED "psychologist, 10014." it worked. i emailed three people, told them i am tough and usually abusive toward my therapists. we'll see if anyone bites.

i need something exciting in my life. the boy is exciting (yes. that boy. i don't care what anyone thinks.), but mostly only exciting on the weekends when he has time to share his excitingness with me. what about the rest of the week? work? i know. work. i just am ready for something to rock my world. maybe i'll die my hair pink. maybe i'll get hit by a taxi and break some bones. either one works for me.

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