hey. hi. how are you.

i have big tits and an good body. i am smart. i am funny. i am self depricating. i want kids. i don't want to be a bore. i like to travel. nay, i like to adventure. i look good in panty hose, heels, and a cocktail dress... as good as i look in jeans, a waffle tee and blundstones. my tastes are malleable; i like what people introduce me to. i think i am pretty much a dream girl.

applications accepted.

following are my profile pics. i couldn't decide. and it's my blog so i can put as many pictures of myself up as i want. because when i get bored, my favorite thing to to is read about myself. word.


Anonymous said...

Well, show us all your big tits then :-)

hungry girl said...

who leaves a colon smiley face after that?

hungry girl said...

oh, i can't. i'll get kicked off blogger.

hungry girl said...

but send me an email (soholunch@gmail.com). and maybe i will. i dare you. you fuck.

Anonymous said...

You've got mail. Toodles!