crayfish round 1

this lunch is at an old school restaurant called hildebrand's. um, german name, italian food. sort of. now, if you can remember, south africa used to be, well...different. like, my nanny had to have a permission pass from my grandparents to walk alone in town. and room and board was considered payment for work. don't shoot the messenger. but that is just how it was and no one really thought anything of it.

well, during this "period" everything was very proper and british. tea in the afternoons. lunch tables had sterling silverwear and linens and stemware. waiters knew your name and watched your children grow up and called your sir and madam. you couldn't get something vile like a burger unless you went to a "wimpy's"--there were no mcdonalds because of sanctions.

anywho. since things...changed, the vintage restaurants have mostly disappeared. replaced with much more casual dining. but hildebrand's is still there. the same waiters with bowties. the same menu. the same yes sir attitude. they make you feel like a special queen and boy do i love it.

a crayfish is a lobster without pinchers.

this is what you eat in cape town. it's prepared in a variety of ways. i can't remember the proper name for this way, but it is boiled, then grilled with garlicky bread crumbs spread all over it. these are two small little critters. i personally think smaller is better. more tasty. this applies STRICTLY to seafood. not to meat. i like big, thick, meatier meats. in south africa, the lobster is served with rice or fresh chips (thickly sliced soggy fries), and garlic butter, lemon butter, and peri peri sauce (spicy oil). my. god. is. it. good.

here is my mom. she is eating vienna schniztel. also delicious. we're both having champagne. i don't really know who we think we are...but i'll take a lobster and champagne lunch by the marina any day.


A boy said...

"i like big, thick, meatier meats" heh heh

Anonymous said...

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