i am so tired of thanksgiving, which makes sense cause it was 5 days ago. here is the deal. i woke up early, blow dried my hair and went to help my ex cook for his whole family. which was fun. and cute. he made me wear a chefs hat and coat. i couldn't tell if that was endearing or humiliating. then i rushed home, showered and changed, and went to my friends for our annual drunken-orphan thanksgiving.

is it too old to be an orphan at 30?

hadn't eaten one nibble all day, got there and drank beers and beers and wine and wine. which would have been fine, except there was a delay in the turkey cooking. like, seriously? the only reason i stay in new york this week is to AVOID ANY DELAYS (get it? as in the airport? ugh.). we drank the (our) traditional barenjager. you haven't lived if you haven't had this stuff. they serve it at faneli's if you can't find it--it's rare. it tastes like honey and ether. more like honey... and that shit will get you all kinds of fucked up.

this is the chef basting honey on the bitch while drinking said honey gasoline drink.

by the time the fucking bird was cooked everyone was too drunk to taste it. i may or may not have taken my dress off and run around the room screaming "gobble, gobble" at the top of my lungs. no recollection of how i got home. but i was naked when i woke up. awesome. (would have been more awesome if there was a smokin' hot boy next to me--no wait, cooking me breakfast. unless i didn't know him. that would kind of suck. so i guess i am kind of glad was alone in my bob-o-pedic. not temper-pedic; bob-o-pedic).

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