long time...no ikea.

to all (ha) of you who have wondered where i've been, i apologize. i just got totally sick of everywhere i ate and was beyond frustrated. i became indifferent.

this is nothing a quick trip tp ikea couldn't snap me out of.

my friend's girlfriend is swedish. i didn't believe her cause her hair is right brown, but she speaks the fucking language so i guess i have to. we all went to ikea.

after ikea, roi is going to rob a commerce bank. no, wait, bank of america.

anna did NOT join us at the restaurant because she said macaroni and cheese is not swedish.

roi will do anything to get me to eat my veggies.

standard sequence: excitement, triumph, bargains, gadgets, food, yummy, ---> lines, screaming babies, maze, lost, no cell phone service, where did anna go, where am i, where is the bathroom i have to pee, i just peed on myself a little, must leave this place--->convertible mercedes with 3 adults and FURNITURE crammed into it--->lost on the turnpike, turn around, no cash for toll, spilled juice on lap, holland tunnel traffic ---> why did i decide to buy all this heavy shit when i live in a walk up with no boyfriend to carry it? i came thisclose to just leaving it all on the sidewalk.

but i did find this cute little bumble bee get up. the kids really thought it was hilarious. the adults did not.

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