lonely lunch

god am i in a foul mood today. started off great, turned to shit, now i am just sitting in the shit. speaking of shit, did you hear about butthash yet? apparently the youth are putting feces and urine in a bottle, sealing it with a balloon, then when the balloon fills with gas (ha), they inhale it. it makes you hallucinate and pass out and wake up and hallucinate but the side effect is your mouth tastes like poo for days.

that is hilarious.

what happened to whippits? they were good enough for me and they should be good enought for you, young man.

  • how to make butt hash

  • anyway, lonely lunch. went to bite on lafayette and bleecker. again, middle eastern food (and music), japanese guy taking orders, mexican guy working the back. it is just weird.

    sandwich was middle eastern smoked turkey with the spicy option. whole wheat roll (it was hard), smoked turkey (good, thinly sliced), plum tomatoes, hummus, spicy stuff. despite its identity crisis, it was fairly good.

    then a slice of marble cake. decent.

    i paid cash, i have no idea if they take cc's. they are pricks at the counter.


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    it only last 10 min