eato dinnero in brooklyno

ok, so i've been to brooklyn more times in the past 2 months than my entire life in nyc.

i still don't get it. is it cause there is more parking?

went to bonita. i'm not sure of it's exact location, it's somewhere across that water part between here and there.

according to the picture, it serves comida tipica mexicana. that means i'sposed to be real. please, like taco surf on the highway between rosarito and ensenada serves shredded radhishes and "baby" cilantro on their shit. no way, hombre.

i had high hopes cause everyone working there was latino tipico, so there was no way the food could be bad.

but it was, eh. not bad. just not right...but not bad. i really think my theory about mexican food not being good this far north might have some merit. you know, like the water in LA can't make good bagels or pizza crust? jalapenos and cilantro just don't grow right up here.

the guacamole was excellent, to be fair. pacificos were almost cold. whatev's.

(friend asked me why i always have to have pictures with long things in my mouth. my response was, duh.)

had chicken tacos. chicken was ickster. so i just ate the corn tortillas doused with lime juice.

oh, and...


JackRabbit said...

I like Bonita. It's on Bedford & S. 3rd St.

It's the 'better' Mexican food in New York.

LA Mexican food is the best. You're into that Tex-Mex shit though.

hungry girl said...

is new york the same as brooklyn?

tex mex is VERY different to real mexican food. i eat REAL mexican food. like meal worms. and tripe.

why did you name yourself after a viberator?

Jackrabbit said...

I didn't name me. You did.

hungry girl said...

oh, snap!