can't sleep

it's three in the mo'n (think snoop dog, but earlier). i don't like being up this late unless i am drunk and running around screaming at strangers and kicking over trash cans.

can't sleep, which makes it the second night in a row. last night my poodle gigi found a sleeping pill on the floor and ate it. i laughed and pictured her passing out in about 15 minutes. this picture will help you understand why i wasn't concerned.

but apparently sonata has the opposite effect on dogs. she was hyper as shit. she wanted to play so i kept throwing her toy and she kept running after it all wobbley like and bumped into the wall and tripped jumping on the bed. again, i laughed cause it was so cute. that was around 11pm.

cut to 5 am and the thing is still wandering around in circles like she did way to much blow and can't sleep or even sit still.

cut to 6am and now she is howling some crazy howl, not a whimper, but a howl. panting and shit. so i gave her half a tranquilizer and waited for her to pass out. which never happened.

called SPCA 24hour poison hotline, just so i could hear them say, "don't worry, it should be over soon." um, no. they said, without hesitation, "yes m'am, i am familiar with sonata. you need to take your dog to the emergency room immediately." FUCK. just what i needed. to go somewhere in the middle of the night. just kidding.

took the poor thing to the vet. they were like, "good thing you did, cause she could have a heart attack. we'll have to hospitalize her for the day." jesus christ. thank god i don't have children.

battle wound from the IV drip. the other leg has one, too. but it's bloody.

she all good now. should fucking hope so after $561.27 in bills.

that had nothing to do with anything this blog is supposed to be about, by the way. but it's my blog. so go fuck yourself.

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