brownies turns to bellies

been scarfing down these brownie bites from hole fewds. they just dissapear so fast one you put them in your mouth.

monday brownie bites

tuesday brownie bites
(image missing)

wednesday brownie bites
(image missing)

thursday brownie bites

having an office with snacks is bad for my jessica alba-like figure.

they are good though, so run--don't walk, to go buy them. run because you are going to need a head start on calorie burning if you keep them in your kitchen.

(oh, and to all you haters that think i am obnoxious for pointing out my "fat" just deal with it. it's a joke. i know i am thin, and gorgeous, and wildly sexy--especially with my white underwear peeking out the top of my cheap jeans.)

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JackRabbit said...

What up, Chubbs?