yay, parades!

roi and i walked smack into the middle of a war protest march down broadway. i love new york!

it was pouring down rain and that just made these people more excited. we found it really entertaining and watched the entire protest from start to finish. god, i have so many funny/mean things to say... i'll censor.

the best was "stop your shopping, bombs are dropping!" like, hello? i am pretty sure some of that sales tax i pay goes toward municipal services and possibly public education. so pick your battles, evil bitch with no make-up and finger pointing right at me. i didn't even have any shopping bags on me! yet.

amongst everyone, there was one pro-lifer. what-ever. when i had a vespa i used to drive past planned parenthood and scream at the grandmother "go home! go home!" she was always so freaked she almost dropped her poster of a dead baby.

ANYWAY. some pics.


(this girl is psyched she doesn't actually have to walk)


Anonymous said...

i don't understand why they don't just get back to work - maybe chose a career where they can make a difference. why protest? waste of time! i am a fan of the new french leader. work hard, look good while doing it, and everything will be just fine.

hungry girl said...

ahhh, but the beauty of america is that they DON'T have to go back to work. they can bitch and moan all they want. it's their right.

it doesn't piss me off as much as the 16 year olds who should be in school so they can edumacate themselves and actually make a difference. but you know they won't, those are the kids that end up as potheads teaching people how to snowboard in vermont.