i miss ihop

have wanted to try this place for a while.

it's one of those mash ups; italian name, french food, arts and crafts decor.

it wasn't crowded which was so wonderful and peaceful. the menu had something for everyone. i was so content i didn't even mind the baby behind me with a snotty nose putting her sticky fingers in my hair. so cute!

the orange juice was fresh squeezed. the coffee was strong and they even steamed my half and half for me. friend had a gruyere and ham omelette. it was perfectly cooked, not too dry. came with a little salad.

i had blueberry pancakes. there was ALMOST a freak out when she apologized they were out of blueberries. but again, i was so chill i didn't even care. she could offer chocolate chips. i said plain was fine.

2 minutes later she came back and said they had bought more blueberries! this place is amazing!

alas, the pancakes were not fluffy. so i couldn't finish them. just moved my food around on the plate like an anorexic. ate some omelette. but it didn't matter. did i mention how PEACEFUL this place is? no lines, no crowds, nice waitresses who smile.

afogato for dessert. so gross to eat dessert after brunch, but i have serious PMS.

i will go back...just not order pancakes.

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