new assistant and i went to a place i have wanted to try for a while.

it's on crosby at bleecker. i had no idea what to expect, so when i walked up to a box with two hilarious greek guys making gourmet sandwiches, i was confused--to say the least. they were so nice, especially the fat one in a wife beater. there is no way this guy beats his wife, though. i think...

i asked to take their picture and the fat one joked to the skinny one, "hey donny! you gonna end up on one of those dirty sites again." as he gingerly sprinkled fresh dill onto my goat cheese and sundried tomato sandwich.

here is my "kiddy" sandwich: whole wheat hogie, goat cheese, romain lettuce, julienne cucumber, apple, sundried tomato.

it's insane. the turkey is freshly carved with skin still on it. no deli meat here. the cheese is brie, not american.

they don't sell sodas, but they offer you free bottled water. the fat guy liked me, so he told donny to make us fresh iced tea. then donny ducked down for a minute and came back with two cups. he said it was freshly made powdered iced tea. HILARIOUS.

cash only but who the fuck cares. these guys made my day.

*i have know idea what donny's name is, he just looks like a donny*


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    Anonymous said...

    So happy you covered this place. These guys really are The Real Thingm, coke or not. The food's always delich and i love seeing the line formed and waiting for these guys.