vietnamese sandwiches

i have been meaning to try this place since i moved to nyc.

one of my drinking buddies, nick (hot, architect, sweet...ladies--email me if you are interested), is half vietnamese half american. his dad was in the army during the vietnamese war. you do the math.

he showed us the way to yummy yummy baguette land. it was like willy wonka but instead of chocolate rivers, there were sriracha rivers, and instead of lollipop flowers, there were cilantro trees. you get the idea...

OMG is it good. we ordered one of every sandwhich on the menu. (only about 10).

this place is unbelievable. and i don't think it's just that i was drunk...

they have fresh coconut water, crazy pastries, ice cream... i couldn't even process it and it was such a small little store.

sandwiches were around $3.

also, for my prep school friends, DO YOU REMEMBER THESE? holy shit. orange sorbet push pops. we used to eat these in 8th grade. knowing full well that our licking big orange logs that are the exact same size as a dong would drive our prepubescent boy classmates crazy.

so cruel.


Anonymous said...

this is a great blog! keep it up! where is this place? what's it called? (can't read sign)

hungry girl said...