scratch that. i ate.

got a sandwich at thompson cafe. veggie delight. the bread was good. cash only.

was really excited to eat it, but when i got to my friends house, THIS happened.

i don't know how this is possible. you have to be some sort of a surgeon to cut through every layer of a sandwich EXCEPT the last piece of bread. it was totally unscathed. luckily--and i mean so luckily--my friend had a big bread knife, so i finished the job. not my job, their job, but i did it.

it was good. i liked it because it was light and small. it wasn't too big or had weird ingredients to compensate for a lack of taste--like some places do.

i recommend this place. but be careful when you ask for ice. every time i do they let out a big sigh...why? i have no idea.

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Brett Ashley said...

Souen, that weirdo restaurant soraya likes, refuses to have ice as well. miss y'all!

xo BA