cool blue

today i had to wait for a couch to be delivered at my friends house. a fake meis van der rohe looking thing. but it works.

i ordered from this crazy sign restaurant called KOOL BLOO. yes. that is how it's spelled. you know, for fun.

sometimes i get on this no meat kick because i get grossed out. by chomping on flesh.

i ordered a black bean veggie wrap. it was mostly lettuce and unsalted black beans. and the salsa was just tomato sauce with some peppers or something.

remember that pace picante sauce commercial, where the cowboys go,

"this stuffs made in new york city!"
"new york city??"
"get a rope..."

maybe they only played that in texas, but it is so true.

well, i didn't really eat the wrap. but the chocolate milkshake was SO SO GOOD.

um, ok. that's it.

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Tal said...

It's so true... KB has great milkshakes. Everything else there is pretty awful.

I dig this blog. Good idea.