Olive you

kelly and ping, baaaad.

olive's, deeeeeecent.

too much drama for lunch today. so olives was the next food selling box we walked by. don't be intimidated by the seeming lack of organization. the line moves at a zen like pace and beginners needn't feel shy.

the tomatos are bright red and the lettuce is crispy. the lemonade is cold and tart and they happily let me charge all the food. i also had some sort of orzo salad.

one caveat. the cookie tasted like cardboard. it may be that i am a little partial to hampton chutney company. that is a whole other story, though.

  • olive's

    Anonymous said...

    it's your favorite ex-intern. your blog makes me miss y'all and finn like crazzzzzzzy. have a hamptons cookie for me. xoxoxoxo

    hungry girl said...

    listen bitch, don't talk to me unless you have booked a one way ticket to nyc. on the business card.

    we miss you. come baaack!