oh, yes. neither rain, nor record breaking august cold weather will keep me from the finest cuisine in town.

subway. i rode my 6" subway all the way to happy town.

i remember eating subway long before the days of Jared, the bulemic spokesperson for the joint.

i remember eating subway when the franchise's standard decor included wallpaper with a toile-like pattern of victorian women on train platforms.

did you know that subway is the largest fast food franchise in the world? that is el mundo, for you adan.

now, the only thing i will eat at subway is the veggie and cheese combo. i certainly don't trust their deli meats and i would rather eat the spit on the floor outside the crosby street methadone clinic than eat their "chicken" or "meat balls". wait, that's not true. i wouldn't eat spit first. that's disgusting.

honey oat bread, provalone, lettuce, tomato, green peppers, cucumbers, olives, salt and pepper, and oil and vinegar. deeeelish.

soraya and i each got one, plus a big root beer, and chips. $8!!!

today we were annoyed with these loud, big, hair gelled ruskies who kept knocking into soraya. so i shook my wet umbrella on his pants when he wasn't looking. tee hee, that was funny.

but it was NOT funny when he asked if she was married. she flipped out!!

soraya: "no! am not fucking married!"
ruskie: "take it easy!'
soraya: "you are rude and obnoxious!"
ruskie: "what is your problem?
...CANDICE: "you have no sense of space!!!"

ha. that showed them.

p.s. both this subway and the subway by west 4th are owned by indian families. cute.

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