today i waited until 1:30 to eat. not. fun.

i am in the worst mood, so couldn't be creative.

went into dean and deluca cause it's close and they take amex. soup selection boring. counter selection boring.

i asked for the lentil soup 3 times and she said, "what kind?" in response each time. "LENTIL!" and i pointed to lentil on the chalkboard. but apparently lentil is spelled chickpea so i said sheepishly, "oh, chickpea." i threw in the half sandwich for the combo deal. mozarella and tomato. ugh. so, so, so boring.

on another note: dean and deluca is the most stressful fucking place to go to pick up lunch. all the fucking euro tourists are meandering the aisles so slowly. like they have never seen a damn heirloom tomato before. and they always, always, always have that classical tune playing. you know, the one from cnn's syle with elsa clinch? i even asked one of the checkout girls if she gets sick of it. she had a panicked smile on her face, like if she told the truth the dean and deluca punishment shock treatment would zap her through the keys of the register.

total stress out.

anyway. lot's of salt and pepper to make soup tolerable. sandwich bland.

$10.50-ish with a bottle of small volvic.


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    roi said...

    what is a heirloom tomato?