total change of heart

got halfway down the hall to the front elevators, then did a quick pivot and headed toward the back.

i rmemebered i was going to hip hop class tonight! so i can eat whatever i want! how appropriate, then, that i pick up my lunch from the 'wichcraft in equinox soho.

the pastrami, sourkraut, and mustard on rye is to die for. they toast it in a panini press and it is so perfectly sour.

it's $9.50, which is kind of steep for a sandwich, but they have these punchcards. the 12th sandwich is free. same for coffee. i have already been rewarded 2 cups and am 2/3 of the way to a free sandwich.

the tall, handsome manager there always has a smile. they take amex, too.

love it.

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    Anonymous said...

    can you just punch 11 more holes and walk in for a free snadwich?