jackson diner

it's in jackson heights and it's not a diner. cause it's in little india, which i'm sure isn't the official name but whatever. it's like india but really little so there.

soraya is half indian via guyana which still means that her mom cooks curry and owns a sari. (spelling?)

we got to JH and were starving so we ate at jackson diner. had the $9.95 buffet. it was pretty good. but then again how can anything spicy, salty, and stinky NOT be good?

i ordered fresh iced tea. ya, fresh from a canister of powdered ice tea mix. it was definitely someplace to try.it's nice to get out of manhattan (and brooklyn).

it was good. the rest of the day was super fun. shopping for outfits for soraya's indian themed 30th bday party. which was the last time i've had alcohol. i;m serious. at the 2 week mark.

oh no wait. scratch that. it was after my friends wedding in mexico in a town that is apparently the birth place of micheladas that marked the end.


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