DiCosmo inspired me

Well, actually, it was John

i wish you could see john's eyes in this picture. crystal blue like the sky was that day. the first real rockaway beach day for me this summer.

john was discovered in elizabeth, NJ by david selig. the dude who did rice in NYC and, of course, the infamous rockaway taco in queens.

i grilled john about his ices. this is what he gave up. he makes them fresh in the morning using fresh fruit and fruit juices. i believe him. the small pink grapefruit italian ice i got (the first of 3 i ate) was only a buck twenty five and SO UNBELIEVABLY GOOD YOU COULD PISS YOURSELF. i had 2 pink grapfruit and 1 raspberry. in fact, sorry david and andrew hotty pantz, i didn't even order any tacos cause the ice was so good.

of course his hotness oozing out of his pores and cool kicks and beastie boys playing on his boom box only enhanced the whole fucking delicious experience. john. i love you.

dicosmos website

oh, but all you chubby ho's in line at the taco stand who think you're hot 'cause your approaching 40 but still have the strength to carry an 8+' board into the frigid water with a full wetsuit and booties on, don't front. being a bitch isn't attractive. plus, you have no idea if i can hang ten or not...so BACK OFF. (i'm still hotter than you--just look at me suck on that spoon).


Anonymous said...

Sweetie, you can hang 20 fo sho'. At least.

hungry girl said...

impossible, right?

Anonymous said...

Hanging 20 is when you get your dog up on the board for a ride.

And offering to trade a .45 on CL for beads doesn't seem illegal. Seems like it could be a good deal for all parties involved.