fried hamburger

in memphis, besides not eating one piece of fresh fruit or vegetabe for 4 days, i decided it'd be a good idea to eat a fried hamburger. fried, you say? yup. a dyers famous fried hamburger.

basically the same vat of grease has been frying patties for nearly 100 years. no joke. they make a patty and drop it in a deep fryer. some people, people who like to piss out their ass for a few more days than i did, dip the buns in the grease too.

the waitress, who wore an ipod (didn't take her ear buds out) and walked on her tippy toes, told me to go for the double double. that's doube meat and doube cheese. cause the patties are thin. so i did that. and had jaapenos, too. but when she asked if i wanted a combo with fries, i was like--what the hell do i look like? some sort of pig? she gave them to me anyway "on the house." gee thanks. this house had floors so caked in grease that your feet slid when you walked.

that burger was INSANE. so good. but not as insane as the sick i felt for the next 6-8 hours. i mean, al my veins hurt. i don't think it was worth it. just the feeling negated all the deliciousness.

oh, and by the way, i wanted to make it a chili burger...but they were out of chili. blessing? who knows.


i finally finished diarreah on thursday. at least my tummy is completely flat now. empty and flat.


cc said...

holy shiiite. literally.

Mark said...

oh man. my veins hurt just reading about it. where did the video go?