i have a new crush. i mean, really. really?

yes. i do.

you'll see.

i re-pierced my 2nd and 3rd hole on my left ear. i had pierced them before in college with my friend courtney. both at the same time at claire's boutique in austin. needless to say i took the earrings out after a few weeks cause i hated them.

but rather than destruct any more real estate on my body, i decided to just repierce them. now i know what you skanky bitches are saying. 'just stick the earring in cause the holes don't close'. WRONG. they were closed shut. and the last one was through cartilage. yep right through it. so hurt just as bad as the fucking ring at the top of the ear.

anyscrew, i did this on tuesday and today i tried to change out the jewelry cause i didn't like the order of my studs. ignoring the fact that i had been bleeding from the trauma for two days. it just didn't stop bleeding. well, now i cant get them back in and i had to put old big diamonds in there cause those were the only stud earrings i had available with long posts. i am a retard.


cc said...

holy shiiite!!! i love this. am I the courtney? i loved piercing myself at claire's. I had hoops all up and down my damn ears. three on the right ear. two on the left. upper earlobe. middle lobe. I even did on in new orleans on our pledge class trip freshman year. HOT. i did my belly button for one day and it hurt while sitting in class, so i went back to towers and took it out. wimp.

what's gotten into you? xo

cc said...

who is the crush and what is the connection with piercing?