caliente, you fuck

so, i went for happy hours (-sssss).

rob's mad cause i'm i bitch when i think guys like me. but they should know that's my M.O. to suss out the weaklings.

got peckish. came home alone (cause rob's mad. but prolly better cause my house is a stye) and as i passed the big margarita glass in the sky--otherwise known as caliente cab company--i realized all i wanted was salty cheesy crispy cheesy pickled jalapeno goodness. so i stopped. i ordered. i went to the bathroom.

they have black toilets. which is really bad for puke. which the girl in front of me did. in the toilet i wanted to pee in. i did NOT pee. but i took a pic.

i came out looking at my camera on my phone and the jersey girl who walked in saw me looking at the pics. i said, "oh, sorry. i was just trying to take a cute pic for my boyfriend. but i can't get it right." she said she'd help and no, not to worry, she does it all the time and not to be shy... breath in...suck in...arch back...lift up the shirt. oh, well, it's cute but you're laughing, do you want to try again? HHAHAHAHAH!



cc said...

OMFG. love you

Ryan said...

why did you ax the last post. it was fiery