no lunch! aagh!

but my friend did post these fuckers and i hate her for it. here is me. 13 years ago.

this was my 22nd birthday party. it was a gangster party. in retrospect, very insensitive. we had vodka watermelon, popeyes, i emptied my fridge out and filled it completely OE 40oz's, even had the paper bags, put tv on BET and hid remote and cable box, black jesus pictures on the wall, emptied freezer and put MD 20/20's in there (about 30 of them), it was crazy. we got busted for noise by two cops. one white and the other one was not hispanic. mortified.

we took halloween pretty seriously. we rented southern bell costumes. the place also had confederate soldier costumes to go with them. ahh, texas. we ran out of ribbon for chokers, so i stole the sash to my suite mate's silk robe (that she wore all the time) and cut it up for us. oops. that night was fun. p.s. the roommate with the cut up robe was hit by her own car. ya, you do the math.

this is another halloween. jesus. fat, short hair, and i have a tongue ring inside my mouth. this is what blacking out 3 nights a week will do to you're sense of style.

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cc said...

the ghetto party was one of the best ever!!!!!!