it doesn't stop, yo.

this bitch said he loved me.



Anonymous said...

1. obvs...you have blog talent.

2. you tried fette sau in wburg? delicious bbq.

3. dead wrong bout luger though. i will give you a pass on that one.


hungry girl said...

ryan, ryan, ryan. who are you, my dear? i love my repeat commenters.

peter luger sucks. don't fuck with me. i will bet you a dinner that you'll like striphouse better. if i win, you buy dinner. but if i lose, you still buy dinner. for me and my friends.

Neil said...

Strip house is better. I agree.

Jackrabbit said...

Peter Luger sucks.

Anonymous said...

listen if we are going to do the whole which steak place is the best thing then you have to toss in craft steak. only problem is that is will set you back about fifty million dollars.

strip house is good too, i have been there a ton. def top 3.

but luger has some charm to it. great beef. great sundaes. grizzled waiters.


hungry girl said...

if i wanted a sundae i'd go to carvel.