ballet leads to taco truck

first of all, i am taking ballet class. i really like it even though i am completely uncoordinated. it's nice feeling pretty and listening to a guy play piano while you try to act light.

anyfuck, i was walking home with 5 bucks in my pocket and spotted the taco truck. i've seen it a few times before, but since i didn't have dinner plans (lame) i thought i'd give it a try.

really sweet mexican guys working in there. they have a great menu...super cheap. i wanted a taco and a chicken tamale, but they were out of tamales. so i got two bistec tacos. perfect. cilantro onions lime in corn tortilla. only 2 pieces of meat had to be spit out. it's cool.

apparently they are there everynight at the basketball courts on west 3rd and 6th.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm, me thinks you and Pete LaCock might want to meet for lunch.


hungry girl said...

pete looks boooring.

thanks though

Ryan said...

tacos sound meh

too bad taco bell sucks in NY. its great everywhere else in the world.

hungry girl said...

ryan! you are totally right! i loved taco bell in texas. they used to have a chalupa. they don't have that here.

Anonymous said...

No Chalupa??? WTF???