soho massage

maria told me about this place and i figured if she went there then i could.

it's called sunshine bodyworks. it smells like feet but it's only $58 for someone to rub you for an hour. here are some pics:

a price list

cleanish table

this paper towel can protect your face for a massage or your ass on an airplane toilet

i'm not quite sure what these two lubricants were for. i'm pretty sure they just used oil on me.

they take cc's. tip in cash, though. they are super nice. definitely not licensed massage therapists, but you know. plus you can get a punch card for a free massage after 10 visits. like a game! and you're for sure a winner!

it's on houston and macdougal-ish. north side of h.


cc said...


hungry girl said...

no, nothing like that. i just got a massage.

Anonymous said...

they have one of these on the corner of charles and 7th ave south. it is so similar that i thought you took pics from there. same prices.

Anonymous said...

Hey you are writing a lot these days! I totally like reading your stories on Sunday mornings, too bad I am on the West coast. -m