rusty knot

this place could have gone wrong in SO many ways. her are the near misses.

bad lighting was missed by a hair. one iota darker would be gay.
forceful dive bar ambience just missed by the attractive toilets and attention to detail in decor.
badly ironic canned beer selection missed because (thank god) no pabst. blue ribbon.
tattooed hipster staff missed by their surprising, and this may be stretching it, friendliness.
fair ground type menu missed by having edible choices that won't produce coronary issues.

some sure misses are the vintage holiday decorations (predictable), and well, that's all i can think of right now.

it's owned by the dude who owns freemans and he is SO SO NICE. seriously. i was scared of him the first time i was introduced. felt like he was eyeing my style and i instantly felt like i coulda been dressed head to toe in tory burch considering my lack of style. i wasn't, but uggs and hoodies aren't much better. n e who, he is cool so i respect.

i was dying for a lettuce wedge salad, which is why we went. i got one. and a pulled pork sandwich. the lettuce wedge was great, i mean you can't go wrong with a fucking WEDGE OF LETTUCE and dressing on it. they put some bacon and cherry tomatoes which wasn't necessary but i ate it all anyway. it was so refreshing and delicious.

the pulled pork i got because the only other entree option was some turkey/stuffing/cranberry sauce gross me out sandwich. i mean, i'm sure it's great, but no thanks. this was one of the only pulled pork sandwiches i've had that didn't taste "off." i don't know what it is about P.P.S.'s (that's like rachel ray saying E.V.O.O. except it's P.P.S) but they always taste off. maybe because it's just boiled pork. boiled meat. boiled flesh. you see where i'm going with this. but i like it. i would totally go again. it's served on a hamburger bun which makes it a little less intimidating.

got warm chocolate chip cookies. we kept wondering what was taking so long but when they came out super hot and chewy we realized they just cooked them! amazing! (no pic). i still think nestle tollhouse cookies are the best around.

just got home and took a reglan for my acid reflux. oofah.

all in all i have always liked this place, the food is great and the place is great and the drinks are great. the only not-great part is the people who have to wait outside on the busy nights. oh. and bring your ID. ?.

speaking of ID's. i lost mine again. that's 3 in about 5 months. had to talk my way in, which was flattering since i'm over 30. but since fucks kept getting away with charging shit at children's world and the dollar store, i wrote a note on my card. clearly no one takes notice...


Neil said...

Frank. Today. We'll be there by 6. Some photo show after but I like my wine early.

hungry girl said...

hmm, neil. not sure how you found this blog. and pretty sure you didn't read much of it. went to your bike site and saw a lot of swastikas. i'm a jew. a jew. a jew. a jew. something tells me it wouldn't work out between us.

Aixaboutme said...

It's about time. Drop that other bidness and write a book already.

Neil said...

Biker shit. To scare people in the 70's. There were also surf nazis, but mostly in orange county. I had my bar mitzvah in 83. Our bike shop is referred those white boys making the crazy bikes in brooklyn. Kno is Keino cycles, he's japanese.Found your site looking for the taco joint in rockaway. White knight is a polish vodka. So is my girlfriend. Kolor is House of Kolor paint for cars. And bikes.

Whew my fingers are tired. And your webiste is still enjoyable.


hungry girl said...

oh, neil. neil, neil, neil, neil, neil. had i known that your girlfriend was a polish vodka i totally would have met you guys at frank.

thanks for your explanations. you have dirty fingers. too dirty for my insides, but it would still be interesting to meet you honkies.

hungry girl said...

by the way, aixksndouvutme, i already had an agent contact me, but the problem is actually writing a book.

cc said...

seriously. your blog (and comments) = best entertainment of my noche.

Aixaboutme said...

I know lazy. I'm still working on trying to help out that other career you've got going. The family, friends, and school machine are in motion. I'll see what I can do.

hungry girl said...

wait, what? what other career? and what family friends and school?

Captain Stubing said...

huzzah. you're writing again