again? already?

i have this uncanny ability to break up with boys right before valentine's day. once, ONCE in my life have i had an actual real valentine. and, actually, it wasn't that great. but it's way fucking better than watching zales and hallmark commercials stoned in bed wondering how...how can this happen AGAIN?

it's only 1:25pm. T-minus 10 hours and 30 seconds to vday. and i'm already sick to my stomach. my eyes burn from fighting back tears. i can't decide what kind of drunk i want to be for the next 36 hours. whisky and fight? gin and fight? tequila and laugh and fight? red wine and cry and puke? white wine and laugh and puke? oh, the glorious choices!

this one drunken night my friend an i tried to convince a douche in steve madden shoes that i was a porn star. he asked me if i do DVDA. i was like, "i don't have dvd's out yet. i'm just online." HAHAHA! he caught on to me after that.

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