pinche taco goes down

sad sad news. pinche taco is now worse than fresco tortilla taco. yes-i said it.

i ordered a taco salad. it sounded good; lettuce, tomato, beans, sour cream, guacamole, cilantro (hold the cheese). all things i like. i went ahead and ordered the carne asada on it for some protein.

1) no cilatro on it
2) the delivery forgot one whole order
3) the side of jalapenos i ordered never came
and most imortant
4) the meat tasted like rotten feet.

it was inedible. i had two other people try it and they both agreed. IN. EDIBLE.

see, they opened another branch right by my work. they got greedy. and now, instead of one good pinche taco, there are two bad pinche tacos.



brett ashley said...

ugh I did not want a feet burrito for lunch yesterday.

Phoebe said...

I had the same luck with the new Pinche on two different occasions. I found the owner's email address and wrote him a stern letter. He's looking into the problem!

Shorts said...
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Shorts said...

Sorry..ahem ahem. Pinche in soho still rawks.Trust me, dude.