little helpers

so cute. these little girls had a lemonade stand and bake sale, i guess as an exercise on how to embezzle money from charitable donations.

i kid, i kid. they were selling treats and then asked you which charity you would like your money to go to.
every fucking liberal fuck donated their money to obama for president...leaving the puppies and sick cancer kids in the lurch. not that liberals are fucks, just these ones. it's 3 quarters. can't you make a gesture towards something apolitical?

i gave to the sick cancer kids. my 75c will do great things. great things, i tell you.

the cookie was pretty good.


Anonymous said...

you voting mccain/palin?

hungry girl said...

asking someone who they are voting for is a very invasive question. revealing your choice allows for assumptions of your beliefs on moral issues.

so i won't reveal. hell, i may not even be registered to vote, for all you know.

my point in the blog is that, with all that's going on politically, lets take a moment to gesture in favor of more grassroots beneficiaries. lets not forget there is more than political rhetoric today.

hungry girl said...

that said,

palin is kind of amazing. seriously. you couldn't write a more fascinating character.

not that i would or wouldn't vote for her.

Anonymous said...

she's certainly hot. qualified to run a pta meeting maybe, but to be the president if mccain dies? i think not.

hungry girl said...

i agree. 100%. in fact she scares me a little. the kind of woman that would beat you up if you looked at her husband the wrong way.

but i still think it's rude to ask someone who they are voting for. and i still will never tell anyone.