prince street cafe

there are 3 restaurants in a row on prince that i have wanted to try. we sat down at jaques but were the only americans. since we didn't have a map and a camera or felt the need to order coke without ice, we hit the next one. looked a little sterile, so we kept going to prince street cafe.

we couldn't quite put our finger on the ambiance there. the decor was a bit late 90's, the menu was extensive, and the bathroom was out of toilet paper.

we each ordered the half soup/sandwich special. i the split pea and ham sandwich, she the butternut squash and smoked turkey.

the soup was really salty. and she got more in her bowl than i, so that was bothersome. the sandwiches were just...so...like, nothing. they weren't bad, they weren't good.

all in all, we won't go back. let's put it that way.

then a stroll in the beautiful weather and a latte at cafe gitan from the to go window.

this weather is unbelievable.

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