great jones spa

my partner is hung over so all my dreams of vietnamese noodles went out the window.

went to great jones spa to their little health food place for a sandwich. they are so painfully slow. to manage the wait while they prepared my sammy i sat out on the curb in the sun. after what i considered ample time, i went in only to find they hadn't even started preparing it.

i ordered a chicken and avocado sandwich which is made of organic roast chicken, avocado, lettuce, sprouts, tomato, and veggieanaise on toasted 7 grain bread.

the chicken comes from a vacuum sealed bag, presliced. gross. so it's all slimy.

they forgot sprouts. the forgot salt and pepper.

the toast part was good.

oh, and they were giving away free green tee. so that made it not so bad.

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