FUCK THAT (insult redacted) AT CAFE COLONIAL

i go there at least 3 times a month. i never once ordered delivery, in fact i pick it up in person when i want it to go.

today i called for delivery. i said my street name, which is one of those fucking streets in noho that is the same parallel as a numbered street but no one knows where it is.

he said is it near canal?
i said no, it's the same as third street.
he said hold on.
he came back and said it's too far.
i said are you kidding? it's 3 blocks north of you.
he said i'm sorry miss it's too far.
i said come on, i broke my leg and i can't come in please.
he said i'm sorry she said it's too far.
so i said, that fucking bitch and hung up the phone.

then i called back and asked to speak to the owner
he said no because he heard me say a bad word.
i said are you kidding? i know who she is. let me speak to her.
he said no she wasn't there
i said i know she's there she's there everyday (REDACTED)
he said no she's gone for a few weeks.
he said he knows i said a bad word.

so i went on their website and sent them a nasty email.

(REDACTED). the website said it delivers up to 4 blocks north.
i wrote that they shouldn't lie on their website.

anyway. my intern had to stop me from walking over there to raise hell. cause i would. and i still might.

i ordered rice delivery instead.

feel free to send them hate email. (PLEASE DON'T SEND HATE EMAIL, SHE WAS NICE).


Dear Customer,

I am so sorry for what happenned. It is not easy to find good reliable workers, cafe clonial is going thru a transition of workers and a lot of the new people live in queens or Brooklyn, they may not know Great Jones.
It is also thru we don't have a manager at all times in the place; we operate for 16 hours a day. August is a month that managers and owners goes away since it is the quitest month.

I hope you will feel better and I will try to draw a map to workers with the name of streets, but again a lot of our workers are new; you would be surprise but a lot of people no longer want to work in the restaurant industry or be in the city for that matter ( rents are expensive and cost of living). I am not in the city at the moment, I"ll be back by the end of August and I will address this issue.

Thank you for letting us know

(XXXX)/cafe colonial


Anonymous said...

you really break your leg?

hungry girl said...

no i didn't, i was just trying to get them to come to me out of guilt--if not duty.

Anonymous said...

her spelling is atrocious

Anonymous said...

But it was nice of her to write back.