cafe colonial again

today is a great day, because after an hour or so of being a sourpuss, i ran into someone that is a sweetheart and made me smile again.

cafe colonial is fucking bullshit. we ordered that brazilian cheese bread and asked it to come first, they never came. we ordered 2 plates of brazilian beans. only one arrived. we ordered sweet potato fries, and instead came yucca fries. we told him that we didn't order that, that we ordered sweet potato fries. he said these were like sweet potato fries, cause yucca's are sweet.

floored, we proceeded to ARGUE with him that yuccas are not sweet potato fries. that sweet potatoes were orange. he insisted these were a close cousin.

are you fucking joking? if you ordered lamb chops and i brought you pork chops, i would never try to convince you that they were the same thing.

re.tard. re. tard. ed.

of course tod left him a 15% tip. i would have dashed on that shit.

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