wow that was a long break

fresh tortillas
fresco taco
fresco tortilla tacos

any variation, it's all the same. i was really upset when i first moved to nyc and ate at one of these places. but over the years, i've come to accept that it's not mexican food and i shouldn't hold it up to those standards. it's in a class of its own, and it's not that bad.

i am cashless, so i had to order 10 bucks worth of food for credit card usage, which is hard when the most expensive thing i ordered was 3.25.

1 black bean soft taco (black beans on a tortilla)
1 black bean hard taco (black beans, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce in a crispy taco shell)
1 fajita steak guacamole (sliced steak, onions, some avocado saucey stuff on a tortilla)
1 fajita steak nachos (didn't even open the box, so i don't know)
1 root beer.

so good. really, it is so good. except i gave the steak stuff to my dog. she seemed to like it.


Anonymous said...

don't eat meat from any of those places ever again... trust me.

i lived in nyc for a number of years, and can attest to the value of the black bean tacos. the one on canal street is superior to all the rest...

Fresco Tortilla said...

I love those places. They make no sense though. "Mexican" made by the Chinese. Go to the quick chinese places and it will be owned and operated by the Mexicans. Still, that steak is great. Fuck you, Anonymous. Get a name.

Dr. Taco said...

The NY/NJ triads take their cut straight off the top. There is no quality control. Dogs, cats, rats and whatever else happens to be around will wind up in your taco, not to mention the fact that those places take USDA grade c and below meat (usda rankings a joke anyway, they riot about our beef imports in other countries) but since I see on your blog that you eat mcdonalds I understand why my friendly exhortation would fall onto deaf ears. Can I get my taco with a side of hormones? Thanks.

Dr. Taco

Concerned Citizen said...

Don't trust this Dr. Taco. He's not even a doctor. He hardly made it through Taco undergrad.

brett ashley said...

Oh Gigi loves tacos. I know because she ate my taco dinner when I apt sat for you. That's what I get for going into the other room to check my email...

mark sage said...

Get the fajita special. My ex- and I used to get it with like 4 sides of pico, guac, etc. and it would feed us both for three days for 20 bucks. Used to eat there all the time until I realized that the Chinese-Mex magic is MSG. Hence the addictive flavor. Still, a little MSG never killed anyone.

Love the blog. You funny lady!