i know this place has been here for years, but i never went.

cause, well, i just figured it would be horrible like any other themed restaurant, or any other restaurant in soho.

but i heard good things, and when my friend shimbo told me he was paying for lunch, i thought i'd give it a whirl.

went to the gym again...dayamn look at those gams!

but not wanting to eat bad after doing good, i knew i was gonna have to forego the #1 burger in manhattan (according to some poll).

i felt like i was in my dad's sailboat but this place was much nicer. and bigger. and there were waiters to serve you fancy things, and the toilets flushed without a bilge pump. it's amazing what a good job they did, though.

even the floors look like a ship deck. poop deck. ha. poop.

here is shimbo. i'm kinda sad i didn't get a shot of his face cause he is a very attractive guy. i mean, come on...check out that hair! ladies, shimbo is single and wildly successful. like mogul successful; but he comes from west virginia so a nice well rounded package.

we had yellowtail and salmon sashimi and their house roll: lobster tempura and spicy tuna on top (i think). the roll was good, and the salmon was incredible. clean and soft and just melted in your mouth.

i had a tuna burger (not the famous beef one, the healthier tuna one) and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD was it good. i mean AMAZINGLY GOOD. the bun was sweet, like challah kind of, there was a mound of dark green, not wet lettuce, and layers of deep red tomatoes, and some wasabi mayonnaise stuff. i mean, i can't even explain how good.

the lemonade came with fresh muddled mint and they kept refilling my iced tea.

shimbo and i had a great time and the place is awesome. i want to go to the bar for cocktails tonight. anyone interested?


Michael said...

For a good time - call 867.5309. I'll take you to Lure.


notorious said...

go for happy hour...oysters and more for cheaps. delish.