rockaway taco

so this guy who was born in new york, but then moved to toronto, then lived in puerto vallarta for 3.5 years opened up a taco stand in rockaway on 96th street.

the menu looked good. it was supposed to open at noon, but at 12:30 he said to come back in ten minutes to order. so we came back in ten minutes, ordered, and then waited 45 minutes for our tacos.

i normally wouldn't care cause it was a beach day, but i missed out on an hour and a half of perfect suntanning. although, anything is better than a fucking slice of pizza or mexican/chinese food (you know the places i'm talking about: quesadillas or stir fry, same kitchen).

in any case. we had tofu tacos, fish tacos (beer battered talapia), and chorizo tacos. i ordered chips and guacamole and he actually cut up corn tortillas and fried them. i watched him make the guacamole himself. pretty impressive. it was cheap and good and made you forget about the projects behind you.

there can never be enough pictures of hot rob. come pose for a picture rob, no a little closer. closer. damnit rob, touch my shoulder with your rock hard abs! thaaat's nice.


Anonymous said...

it looks nice out there.

Hillary said...

hello ROB!

Anonymous said...

I admit that our Chinese food options are pretty ghetto, but before you start griping about the pizza options in Rockaway, you need to try the marinara slice at Elegante on B92nd. Best (I know of a few others that don't come close)marinara slice in the City. It's across the street from Boarders on B92nd on RB Blvd.

Anonymous said...

taco kooks.