pinche taco

when my friend adan told me that there was a new taco place called "pinche" i just about snarfed my sprite through my nose. how awesome. fucking taco. now if only a chocha churros opened up next door, my life would be complete.

i went on a blind blogger date. could it get any light-me-on-fire-dorkier than that? nope. don't think so. he has a blog called "lost taco". poor joshy lost his taco. he can't have mine. my coochie remains in the gucci name. he just moved here from southern california and i guess no one told him that good mexican food doesn't exist in new york city. he is on a hunt though, more luck to him.

the first thing my eyes zone in on is the modelo especial in a can. now this is interesting.

i order one taco al pastor and one taco carne asada.

corn tortilla? check
greasy wet meat? check
chopped onions? check
chopped cilantro? check
juicy lime wedge? check

plus a tiny bit of guac and salsa. OH. goodness. it was good.

he had the fish taco, i've never been a fan but he swore it was up to par.

the dude who owns the place has another pinche taco in tijuana, or TJ as he affectionately calls it. but here you won't get a knife pulled on you. although, with the economy...

i will go back. for sure. fer sher, dude.

pinche tacos
lost taco


Shorts said...

I thought we were going to Pinche. You two timing whor...

hungry girl said...

take it easy fucker.

i had a dream and in it you were a murderer with 4 children.

should i stay away from you?

Shorts said...

How did you know it was me?
And, I have 3 children, not 4.

girly-girl said...

Hi HG!
I just found your blog today - and I'm pretty badly hungover, so I just spent the last 2 hours or so of work sitting at my desk, reading your whole blog!
I live in soho and would be your friend, but I work in crap-ass times sq. so I can't... but I'll meet you at Milady's for a drink sometime ok?
I really like your writing style, youre very talented! I can relate to a lot of it (is that a good thing or a bad thing?)

girly-girl said...

Oh, and when I said "I would be your friend" I meant "I would be a lunch buddy" -- I would never assume that you would necessarialy want to be my friend... but good food is good food, and sometimes even crappy food is... interesting

hungry girl said...

hello girly girl. i am going to need more information than that. you can email me your stats at soholunch@gmail.com.

i don't just befriend anyone, you know.