lunch with claire

today i had lunch with claire. i met her through my ex husband/boyfriend/fuck. (and our relationship went in that order. clearly backwards we were.)

we went to gemma and she told me about her dietary limitations. she's not only vegetarian, but she also eats according to her blood type. something about chemistry blah blah blah. "wow" i was thinking. "what a nut job" (just kidding claire, this is all for effect). but then she stood up at the end of lunch and her body is slamming and now, as i eat my left over PF CHANGS that i brought all the way across state line, i am a little more curious about this chemical bloody eating club of hers....hmmmm.....

i had an eggplant and tomato panini. whatevs. she had, actually, i don't even remember what she had. artichoke somethig?

we gabbed about boys and how to manipulate them. something that clearly she and i aren't good at seeing as we are both single.

i meant on purpose. single on purpose.

on the dessert menu, i saw this. i'm not gonna say outright what i think it was. claire said to think of it abstractly as "crud." right, crud that came out of a little rodents poo hole.

had one scoop of pomegranite sorbet. grody. syrupy. like a fancy but untasty snow cone with no cone so kinda like nothing like that.

claire is funny. we shall dine together again. except next time it will be dark outside and there will be a lot less food and a lot more booze.


Anonymous said...

ask her if she knows who eddie is

hungry girl said...

i need more information than that.

Anonymous said...

Ask her is she knows who Dave, Jim, and Bob are too. Oh, and Steve. And John. Yeah, especially John.

hungry girl said...

you're a fucking idiot.