gay pride is a comin'

since i don't have a house in the hamptons (thank god.) i need to take advantage of any suntanning opportunity i can.

hudson river park. in the grass. kinda nice. but what the fuck is this guy doing?

i assume he is practicing for the parade. i wish i had gotten a picture of the other guy next to me in A LEOPARD THONG BATHING SUIT. or the guy on the bench with a face lift and eyeliner doing pretend sit ups for 20 minutes straight. or voice recording of the skinny thai guy on the phone to his boyfriend. and how come all the guys call each other "girl"?

of course, there were a smattering of straight couples and groups of hot girls. but the flag guy just really took the cake. i was there for 2 hours. he was dancing before i got there and he was dancing when i left.

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