corner (i just threw up in my mouth) bistro

whoever declared corner bistro as a good burger spot is on crack. because when you're on crack you don't have an appetite, so you wouldn't actually eat that ground rat meat shitty ass burger, so you wouldn't know. how gross. it is.

speaking of crack.

crack is a drug. you can be addicted to it. crack addicts need interventions. crack makes you feel good and you choose to not consider the consequences of taking it. you could stay off crack for months and then when you see it again, you forget or choose to forget that it kills you slowly and makes you feel rotten on the inside.

crack for me, of course, is the boy. don't ask. but like a fucking crackhead, i went there. it was more like someone dropped a dime bag in a hand-cut crystal box on my doorstep, with candles all around and flower petals. it was inviting, kind, safe, it didn't seem dangerous at all. i had beaten crack before, so maybe i could handle a taste.

of course, the crack always wins. and leaves your system empty, your stomach hurting and you rocking on the floor like a baby.

i guess that is why recovery is a life long thing. one day at a time. and one should remember that just because 3 months goes by, it doesn't mean you're sober.

crack kills!

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Meg Taylor said...

great analogy.