i don't know what is more disgusting. looking at a steamer being eaten, or looking at the italian guy eating it.

that is my friends italian boyfriend. he is so annoying. a steamer looks like a testicle without a sac and he tounged that bag like a pro. so gross. he liked to talk about his trips to thailand and morocco. predictable. do something wild and then i'll be impressed. but you and every other spoiled brat has been to thailand and morocco on their daddy's money. present company not excluded. i'd like to see him walk down ridge street alone late at night with his rolex, monogrammed button down, and scarf...that is an adventure.

now, no lobster roll will ever compete with scott's lobster dock in new london connecticut. it's just impossible. it's like challenging lance armstrong to a bike race. just silly. one of the reasons their rolls are so good is because of the hot buttered lobster version. no mayonnaise, just hot butter.

well, if you take the melted butter from the steamer plate, and pour it on your lobster salad roll, it makes it 1000x better. not scott's lobster dock better; but better.

of course, one must have a light, lo-carb beer if they are eating all that. you know, like a diet coke with an extra value meal. you have to cut the calories somewhere, don't you?

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