ok, so here are some pictures of what could quite possibly be one of my top 10 days in new york city.

for almost 2 years. wait, fuck almost. FOR OVER 2 YEARS i have been trying to plan a crawfish boil. there was always some fucking reason why my pussy friends couldn't do it. well, this year we all agreed and i got to planning.

70 lb live crawfish fedexed from louisiana
potato, corn, onion, lemon, sausage, spice
"bayou classic" pot and burner
25 friends
20 cases of canned beer
jungle juice
lots of paper towels
lots of newspaper
t-shirts to commemorate the occasion

picking up the beer from new beer distributors on chrystie street

shotgunning contest at the end of the night.

i won. every time.

finally, a slut besides me putting meat in her mouth.

dead and tasty

dead and messy.

adan, the grim reaper, about to boil the shit out of them.

the boys opening up the box of crustacean goodness.

salting them so they shit out the poopy mud water.

heavy drinkers are usually heavy gamblers, too.

i am very, very proud of my wide open throat.

so pretty.


Shorts said...

Thanks for the invite! I had a blast!

Anonymous said...

"salting them so they shit out the poopy mud water."

I'd always wondered about that...thanks for the enlightenment!

courtney c said...

i wish i was your roommate again.